At Pacifica Cane Corso we are committed to the preservation of this magnificent Mastino Italiano, the Cane Corso.

Pacifica Cane Corso, Breeder with Puppies for Sale in New Mexico Having met my first Cane Corso in 1996, I immediately fell in love with the breed. The noble look, the awesome bone structure, the incredible agility and temperament - this breed had it all! I was hooked. I started researching and studying these amazing dogs, and acquired my first Corso in '97. Teeva was in need of a good home, and my Am Staff needed a great companion. Experiencing life with one of these wonderful dogs as my daily companion only served to deepen my fascination with the breed.

In 2002/2003 I frequented many dog shows, including rare-breed shows. I had the opportunity to meet many different breeds, but still found myself most impressed with the Cane Corso. So began my search for the right Corso to join my family. I found myself surprised by the lack of ideal type in this breed attending the shows. Feeding a growing passion for the breed, I extended my research overseas and found some outstanding lines available in Europe.

After a trip overseas to see these incredible dogs in person, my mind was made up. There was no way I was coming back home without a Cane Corso! Primo was my first import, and he sealed my fate and future with the Corso breed. Since then I have never looked back.

We have frequented the overseas kennels, choosing some of the best examples of the breed to bring back with us on each trip. To date we have imported ten amazing dogs to start what is now Pacifica Cane Corso. Our future is looking bright as a Cane Corso breeder in the US, with some incredible type dogs and quality lines to continue the breed with.

Cane Corso Italiano, Pacifica Cane Corso, Breeder with Puppies for Sale in New Mexico

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Pacifica Cane Corso

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